6″ Jakes A-Arm Lift Kit Yamaha G16 ,G19, G20 Golf Cart


When we talk about golf, the equipment used is also often a topic discussed. What rangefinder are you using? Are electric golf carts better than gasoline ones? How do you modify a golf cart? What type of lift kit is best to use? The answers you’ll be getting depend on a lot of things including the preference of the person you are talking to. While it is okay to consider suggestions it’s better to do your own research and settle on what you think is the best. And while we’re at it, let us talk a bit about the best lift kit to use.

There are different types of lift kit to consider when buying the first time. Each one works depending on where you plan to take yourgolf cart. Driving around the golf course or on a more difficult terrain? Those things should be deliberated thoroughly before deciding on a lift kit. To get you started on your search start with a type of lift kit, the a-arm lift kits.

A-arm lift kits fitYamaha and Club Car golf carts. Most of these golf carts had a-arm suspension from the factory thus this lifts kits are commonly made for them. Golf cart a-arm kits are designed to give your cart an independent suspension in the front by removing its factory suspension completely and replacing it. The strong and square tubing most a-arm lift kits useto givethe cart a custom look as well as a comfortable ride. It is also a great convenience that it is easy to install and can be bought at an affordable price. Price and performance wise, a-arm lift kit passed the test!

And to give you an example of an a-arm lift kit, check out our review below.



Jakes Carts, the manufacturer of this a-arm lift kit, is known to be a premier provider of the best lift kit design for your money.

This 6″ Jakes A-Arm Lift Kit is designed with safety in mind. It fits Yamaha G-16, G-19, G-20 gas and electric models. For an 8” overall lift on your golf cart, pair this a-arm lift kit with a 22″ x 11″ x 10″ tire. It will also widen the front stance, increases the stability, and provides a more comfortable ride. Most reviews of this lift kit raveabout how easy it is to install. The manufacturer provides a downloadable product installation instruction that is easy to comprehend and follow.



  • Race car quality
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable



  • None so far

Amazon Reviews

What people have to say about 6″ Jakes A-Arm Lift Kit?


By Wesley F.

“The lift installed with no issues, and I will say that the ride for whatever reason did improve. It does not seem as bumpy as when the cart was at factory height.”


By Melissa Roy

“Very easy to install- In fact,a classroom of freshmen at the local tech school installed it for us and did a wonderful job!”


By Amazon Customer

“Easy to install. They forgot to include the steering risers for the tie rodends. I emailed them and got the missing parts shipped rightaway. I’m very pleased!”


By TripleB

“Once I got everything off the front end the lift kit went on really fast”



Never disappoints, performance and price wise. It can be installed easily without breaking a sweat.  This 6″ Jakes A-Arm Lift Kit also fits most golf cart which is a great relief. So if you are looking for a lift kit to upgrade your golf cart, we can confidently recommend you 6″ Jakes A-Arm Lift Kit.

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