Arm Deluxe 6″ Lift Kit For Club Car DS Golf Cart


Taking your golf cart to the next level? You have a lot of upgrades to choose from. Replace the tires with meatier ones, speed it up by boosting the battery, protect the body of your cart by putting up brush guards, fender flares to keep off the rain, add LED lights for night trekking or mount a cooler for your snacks and refreshments, there are endless options. Most of the times, the list is ticked off from the start of the list. To help you get the first one done, you’ll need to raise it up by installing a lift kit. There a lot of golf cart lift kit to choose from and we’re going to list them down to help you decide which one suit you best.

Long travel lift kit– best performing lift kit for extreme roads. It comes with an adjustable height setting, DOM tubing, fully adjustable camber/caster, and superior suspension. This is an expensive lift kit and should only be considered if you plan some serious off-roading.

Drop axle lift kit– an economy lift kit solution. It is specially made to replace the current stock front axle of your cart with a drop axle design. Despite being time-consumingwhen installing, it’s no doubt easy to install.

Drop spindle lift kit– one of the most popular lift kit. It allows you to fit bigger offset wheels and taller tires. Customers rave about its ease of installation and wider stance.

A-arm lift kit– usually made for Yamaha and Club Car golf carts. It replaces the front suspension of the golf cart to accommodate larger tires. People often turn into this type of lift kit for a heavy-duty and smooth ride.

Now, if the a-arm lift kit is one of the typesthat you are seriously considering then you should check out this review below.




Before you can change your golf cart tires to bigger and meatier ones, you’ll need to raise it with the help of a golf cart lift kit. This brand new A-arm deluxe lift kit will replace the shock suspension of your cart and lift it for rough and rugged roads. It comes complete with all the mounting hardware you’ll need and a detailed installation instruction for easy installation. See if it fits you golf cart model and if does start working on your golf cart with the help of this lift kit for a smooth and enjoyable ride.



  • Easy to install
  • Includes clear installation instructions



  • Need to buy new rear shocks and spindles separately for some models



Amazon Reviews

What people have to say about Arm Deluxe 6″ Lift Kit For Club Car DS Golf Cart 1984 –2003?


By Richard Reeder

“Easy install!”


By Edwin

“Really improves golf cart ride”


By Amazon Customer

“Good kit but there are 4 set skews in a postnot mentioned in instructions but that was my fault for not looking them over real good. I rethreaded it and everything went well. Great kit easy to install”




For an A-arm lift kit this one is pretty great, it works just how a lift kit should. It is easy to install and upgrades the golf cart with ease. While it needs some additional parts for certain models, it is a relief that it was mentioned beforehand to avoid stopping in the middle of installation process upon realization of the missing parts. So if your golf cart model is in their list, you’ve got yourself a great deal.

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