Choosing the Best Golf Cart Lift Kit


Choosing the Best Golf Cart Lift Kit

If you play golf or is familiar with this club-and-ball sport, you’ll know that having a well-maintained golf cart is essential. It may be less important compared to other golf equipment but mattered just the same unless you prefer walking around the golf course on foot. In order to upgrade or maintain your golf cart, you’ll need a lift kit.

A golf cart lift kit can improve the way your golf cart performs on the golf course. They’re ideal for anyone who wants to put bigger tires on their golf cart. Even if you don’t golf, a lift kit is a great way to enhance your golf cart so you can take it out on ATV trails. More and more people are using their golf carts for personal use and they are investing on a lift kit to get it accessorized and ready for the road ahead.

A golf cart lift kit will allow you to do all of that, and finding the right one for you can feel overwhelming. Knowing which kit will work for your golf cart may be the toughest task to tackle. This guide and reviews should help get you going in the right direction to choose the best golf cart lift kit.








Full Review

Madjax 6″ 2004-14 A-Arm Lift Complete Kit for Club Car Precedent Gas or Electric Golf Carts $$ 4.2/5
EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart 2001-Newer 6″ Lift Kit + 12″ Wheels and 23″ All Terrain Tires (4)$$$4.4/5
Club Car Precedent 6″ “Rhox” Spindle Lift Kit 2004-Up Golf Cart$$5/5
6″ Jakes A-Arm Lift Kit Yamaha G16 ,G19, G20 Golf Cart$$$4.7/5Read full review
EZGO TXT 5″ Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit ( Fits 2001.5-Up)$$3.6/5Read full review
A-Arm Deluxe 6″ Lift Kit For Club Car DS Golf Cart 1984 – 2003$$$5/5Read full review

Madjax  2004-14 A-Arm Lift Complete Kit




Madjax has created this golf cart kit to handle electric or gas powered golf carts.  Their philosophy is all about making the customer’s happy.  If you have any questions, you can contact them anytime.  If you have a problem, they’ll work with you to resolve the issue.


  • 6” A-arm kit
  • Easy to install by yourself
  • Excellent customer service

Expert notes

The golf cart kit is easy to install and provides a rugged look that you’ll love when it’s on your golf cart kit.  There are three different sizes available with the kit, ranging from 3”, 5”, and 6”.

The instructions are easy to comprehend, with detailed and colored information.  You’ll be able to follow the directions without any professional help.

Their customer service is bar none, and they will work with you to resolve any issues you have with the golf cart kit.



  • It is easy to install
  • There is a rear lift to install a back seat
  • Handles 22” tires without grinding the tire
  • The kit is well packaged to protect all the parts
  • Excellent product for the money


  • There are some units that aren’t as good as they should be
  • Its only for  ELECTRIC carts not for Gas cart
  • Its not compatible with EZGO RXV, Yamaha, or Club Car golf carts

Special Features

  • Weighs 48.2 lbs.
  • Ships domestically and internationally

EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart 2001-Newer 6″ Lift Kit


One of the world’s best known multi-industry companies, Textron Inc. owns strong brands including EZGO. EZGO products are designed and built by a division of Textron that manufactures high quality commercial and industrial utility vehicles. It priority lies on understanding the customers and delivering products that go beyond the expected.



  • 6” kit
  • Easy to install by yourself
  • Excellent customer service

Expert notes

The cart is easy to install by yourself. Wheel and tire combo included.  It can handle tires up to 23” without rubbing.

You won’t have to worry about the lift cutting up your tires while you’re driving.  The 6” height is ideal for using the golf cart on an ATV trail if you want to venture out.

It’s the ideal kit for using an electric golf cart.  It’s ideal for anyone who wants to take their golf cart out on a trail or driving around.



  • It is easy to install
  • High enough to handle 23” tires
  • It has a sleek style that will make your cart look great
  • The price is good for the unit



  • Some units may need to be drilled
  • You may need to drill parts to make the kit fit
  • The wheels aren’t included


Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Lift Kit


Club Car produces this lift kit to help enhance your golf cart.  The kit fits other Club Car golf carts, except for the DS models.  They provide quality service for their customers and use some of the best materials.  They work to help you save money and get the best product available.


  • Bolt on lift kit for your golf cart
  • Spindle designed lift kit
  • Discounted combinations to save you money

Expert notes

This golf cart lift kit is designed to give your golf cart a safer ride than other kits.  It uses off-set wheels to give your cart a broader stance while you’re driving around.

The combo ensures you have the right parts to easily bolt on the kit to your cart.  The chrome lug nuts give the wheels a unique look you’ll love.

It has everything you need to make your golf cart the envy of the course.  If you want to take it off-roading, this kit should work for you.



  • It is easy to install
  • Provides a safer way to drive your golf cart
  • Discounted prices help save you money
  • Looks good on the golf cart
  • Included parts allow you to make your golf cart look good


  • We have identified nothing so far.


JAKE’s Long Travel Lift Kit for GAS EZGO TXT


  • Adjustable height up to 8”
  • Handles tires up to 25”
  • Built in 2” hitch

Expert notes

If you’re looking for a golf cart kit that allows you to take it off-roading, this is the kit you’ll want.

It has an independent front suspension to provide you with the most comfortable and safest ride in a golf cart.  You can adjust the height to accommodate different sized tires to enhance your off-roading experience.

It is made in the USA, which is great for anyone who loves American products.  You can attach anything to the hitch to help carry your golf clubs.



  • Adjustable height for different sized tires
  • Provides a comfortable and safe ride
  • Fully adjustable caster/camber
  • You can put larger tires on the cart
  • Wider wheel base to support the cart


  • We have identified nothing so far.

Final Verdict

A golf cart lift kit is a great way to enhance your golf cart to make it a better ride.  If you’re tired of just riding around on the course and want to go off-roading, you’ll want a kit that can handle it.

While there are plenty of options available, it can still be difficult to find the right one for you.  On this review, the Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Lift Kit is highly recommended.

It’s easy to install and you won’t have to worry about the kit breaking down.  The discounted prices are a great way to ensure you save money on a golf cart kit.

How to Choose the Best Kit for Your Golf Cart

Finding the right golf cart kit is no easy task, and you may be wondering what the differences are between different kits.  Have you thought about which type of kit you’ll need?  Will the lift kit fit under the golf cart?

Answering these questions can help you get on the right track for finding the right golf car lift kit for you.

Lift Types

  • Drop Spindle – the most popular type of lift kit.  It is affordable and easy to install
  • A-Arm – replaces the front suspension of your golf cart for smooth ride
  • Drop Axle – longer stock radius to improve length on your axle height
  • Block – easy to install and provides instant boost to your cart


  • 3” – popular for 20” tires, ability to adding back seat
  • 4” – easy to install, holds tires up to 20”
  • 5” – not as popular, handles tires up to 22”
  • 6” – most popular on the market, fits tires up to 23”

As long as you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to choose the right lift kit for your golf cart.  You can mix and match to find the right combination for your needs.

Your golf cart will look great when you add a lift kit to it. Now we will review some of the best lift kit available. Let us check the comparison chart first.


  • Q: How should you lift a golf cart?
    • Lifting a golf cart can appear intimidating at first glance, but it’s easier than it looks.  You will want to jack up the cart first, and make sure it’s secure.  You can remove the wheels and take off the undercarriage.  You’ll then want to get the tools and start bolting the kit onto the golf cart.  If you have the directions with you, the process will be a lot easier.  You’ll want to make sure the bolts are in the right places to ensure it’s safe.  Once you have it on, you can attach the wheels and take it down.  You should be good to go once you’re done.
  • Q: What types of golf car lift kits are available?
    • There are a few different kits available, and they all provide a unique purpose.  Spindle lift kits are easy to install, making them some of the most popular.  They have a wider stance for stability, and good quality for an affordable price.  Cart axle lift kits replace your drop axle to taper it down to the spindles.  Long travel lift kits allow you to travel long distances.  They’re tougher and built for durability so you can take your golf cart off-roading.  A-arm lift kits provide a comfortable ride you’ll enjoy.  It has an independent suspension that will allow you to take it off-roading, and you won’t get stuck in the mud.
  • Q: How to install a lift kit?
    • Its an practicle question. However you can watch the vedio to learn the installation. If you need to install 4″ lift kit , this how-to would be great help for you.

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