EZGO TXT 5″ Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit


The basic things you need in playing golf includes a variety of clubs and a few balls. You might also consider getting a golf cart to carry all your things as you go around the course. Having a golf cart around also gives you the option of accessorizing it so you can bring it outside the golf course. Golf carts are lightly equipped from the factory which is a good thing since you have a lot of options to choose from when deciding what to make it look. There are small accessories you can add like a drink holder, a cooler or radio and there are accessories that enhancethe performance of the cart, lifting it is one of them.

Lifting the golf cart gives it more ground clearance making it trudge rocky terrains with ease. In order to lift the cart,you’ll need a lift kit. There are different types of lift kits available and each one depends on what golf cart you are using or where you plan on driving it. To mention some, there’s the A-Armthat gives the cart an independent suspension in the front, the Drop Spindle which is known for giving increased stability, and the Drop Axle that lengthen the axle height. Now you might ask, what is the best golf cart lift kit to buy? Strat your search by reading our review below.



This drop axle lift kit is made for all EZGO TXT 20015-up golf cart models. It comes will all the essential hardware needed for installation. A tire size of 22×11-10 with an offset wheel is recommended with the maximum tire size of 23”. The GTW 5″ Drop Axle lift kit replaces the front axle while keeping the stock spindles. Designed with a longer than thestockradius, it tapers down to the stock spindles of the cart. They are a great economy lift kit solution and are less expensive than other types of lift kits.





  • Detailed and colored instructions
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Responsive customer service



  • Doesn’t seem to fit some parts




Amazon Reviews

What people have to say about EZGO TXT 5″ Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit?


By Kindle Customer

“Good strong kit, to be used on my hunting cart. Take your time, allow a couple hours each for the front and back. No surprises here, just straight up wrenching. 2012 ezgotxt. I used tire kit, 10″ Black Steel Golf Cart Wheels, and22x11-10 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires, Amazon. This is giving me a stable and soft ride at 10 pounds tire pressure. Check YouTubefor installation directions and front end alignment. Will need fender flares for the tires, I will add later. Don’t buy the heavy duty rear springs for the rear seat until you have checked the ride. My cart doesn’t need them.”


By Eloy F.

“Easy to install look allsome”


By Amazon Customer

“Easy fit, no cutting or drilling, very detailed color instruction.”


By Traci Knopik

“This is not a bolt on easy kit to put on. The frontwas going welluntil they forgot to drill a hole for the steering rack. then the hole was drilled toobig for the tie rod end of the rack. Otherwise front was a bolt on with good directions. The rear end was terrible. very poor directions. The kit is not made for my year as it says it is. Wrong shock plate for passenger side rear. Had to grind on the rear axle housings to get spacers blocks to fit. Had to drill the holebigger in spacer plate so leaf spring would fit. The directions were useless for the back.”


By Kim McDowall

“Looks good when installed………however

The included instructions are not very helpful. They call for the original spindles to be re-used……so why did Iget 2 new ones?? besides, the originals won’t fit properly.

Issue #2 was the holes in the spindles, where the tie rod end connected. My original tie rod was bent, so Ibought a new oneand 2 new ends. When I installed everything the tie rods were loose in the hole. The hole appeared to of been drilled with a parallel hole, rather than a taper to accommodate the new tie rod end. I contacted the supplier direct, after 2 weeks, a new set of spindles were delivered. I installed them, they were better, however, the nut on the bottom of the tie rod end bottomed out before the end was even close to secure in the spindle. had to use a couple of washers to take up the slack”




If you have an EZGOTXT 20015-up golf cart model then you should consider getting this lift kit. Others are complaining about how some parts don’tfit but had it replaced thanks to the customer service’s quick help. It is designed for a simple bolt-on installation and is one of the most stable lift kitsin the market.

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